• Clare Concannon

    Clare Concannon

    Lecturer and Mentor

    Clare is an experience Lecturer in Business Management and a mentoring and training specialist working with individuals and groups / projects to enhance business and personal development. She is Founder of Positive Experience Training, design and delivery of facilitated mentoring support for SME's, business owners and their teams.

  • Jackie Groundsell

    Jackie Groundsell

    Business Mentor

    Known as the ‘Connector’, Jackie Groundsell literally thinks in terms of connections. Owner of 1230 The Women’s Company, a businesswomen’s network, she always knows someone who will help you move closer to achieving your goals. Both on and off-line, Jackie supports thousands of small business owners through her events and training, and as Chair of her home-town Business Association, she reaches even further to guide and support business owners and decision makers. With a background in IT training she has a comprehensive understanding of today’s online technology.

    Jackie is a Connector, International Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Networker   www.1230.co.uk   www.birdsontheblog.co.uk

  • Dr. Yuliana Topazly BSc, MRes, PhD

    Dr. Yuliana Topazly BSc, MRes, PhD

    Director and Lecturer

    Dr. Topazly is Director of Recruitment & Partnerships of SAY Business School.

    She is responsible for growing our student base and network of educational and industry partners, both in the UK and abroad.

    Dr Yuliana Topazly is also a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship.

  • Alexandra Gnushkina BSc, MBA

    Alexandra Gnushkina BSc, MBA

    International Business Development Manager and Lecturer

    Alexandra serves as International Business Development Manager with primary responsibilities for increasing our network of global partners, with a focus on Russia/CIS, SE Asia and the Middle East. Alexandra is an expert in Market Research and also tutors in Marketing.

  • Dr. Selwyn Seymour BSc, MSc (Econ), PGCert, PhD

    Dr. Selwyn Seymour BSc, MSc (Econ), PGCert, PhD

    Director and Lecturer

    Dr. Seymour is Director of Academic Programmes and co-founder of SAY Business School, responsible for ensuring programmes are in line with accreditation and university partners, and to ensure we engage students with their end goals in mind.

  • Bonnie Armstrong BA

    Bonnie Armstrong BA

    Online Services Manager and Lecturer

    Bonnie is Online Services Manager, with primary responsibilities to ensure the online teaching environment is fully supported and operational. Bonnie is a certified Google Associate and experienced Digital/Social Media Marketing professional, and tutors in Digital Marketing.

  • Neil Whitehead

    Neil Whitehead

    Business Mentor

    Neil Whitehead is Entrepreneur in Residence with over 30 years of experience in branding and product commercialization. Neil is founder and director of STUFF International Design, with offices in the UK, Middle East, Ukraine and Russia. Neil has supported over 50 startups in the UK in the last 2 years with 13 trading in major supermarkets. He is currently delivering Smart Cities projects in China and shaping the future of business support.

  • Jivko Hristov

    Jivko Hristov

    Business Mentor

    Jivko Hristov has a proven track record of sound business acumen and extensive knowledge of the business cycle. He's down to earth and enthusiastic when supporting people who are on their enterprise journey.

  • Mike Buckworth

    Mike Buckworth

    Business Mentor

    Mike Buckworth is an experienced Solicitor with deep experience of advising early stage startups and high growth companies. Named as “Corporate Lawyer of the Year” in London for the past 3 years, he spends much of his time advising clients on corporate and commercial strategy, Intellectual Property and growth strategies.