• Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Training Programme

    SAY School of Business can help other institutions to:

    • Develop innovative pedagogical approaches to E&E in non-business disciplines
    • Establish Faculty Champion Schemes to support non-business academic staff to teach and facilitate E&E curricula and extra-curricular activities
    • Develop and deliver Accelerator Programmes, Bootcamps, Hack-a-thons, Student Entrepreneurship Societies and E&E competitions
    • Develop and deliver Mentoring Schemes for educators and enterprising students
  • Education Consultancy Services

    SAY School of Business can help other institutions to:

    • Produce customised E&E learning materials for the institution
    • Develop E&E training materials, either as standalone units, short courses or comprehensive programmes
    • Develop E&E training courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate or mature student levels.
    • Offer certificated E&E training programmes
  • Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Competitions & Bootcamps

    SAY School of Business can help other institutions to develop:

    • Accelerator Programmes (fixed term training of competitively selected new businesses)
    • Bootcamps (run over 1, 2 or 5 days, depending on the stage of development of the business idea)
    • Hack-a-thons (using team-based approaches to solve current problems in existing businesses)
    • Student Entrepreneurship Societies (mobilising groups of students behind a proven approach to convening societies); and
    • E&E competitions (we can prepare, support and stimulate student teams to perform in competitions)

    Central to the SAY School approach are experiential learning, rapid experimentation and collaborative working to produce minimum viable outputs and proof that ideas can work.